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A Gluten-Free Restaurant in Alghero!

What, four years ago, seemed to us like a risk-laden venture is now a reality – a gluten-free restaurant that has what it takes to meet the needs of everyone!

The decision, taken on day one, to go down the gluten-free route, has since allowed us to extend a very warm welcome to everybody who crosses our threshold, treating every single person with the same care and attention. Moreover, that decision has put us at the forefront of the list of foodservice businesses which have signed up to the Italian Coeliac Association’s Gluten- Free Eating Out programme.

Day in, day out, we select ingredients that are naturally gluten-free. All of our condiments are freshly made, and we only use our equipment and utensils for the preparation of gluten-free dishes. In this way, we can
guarantee that our dishes are free from any contamination and we can offer a menu that’s the same for everyone, without ever compromising on the taste or quality of the ingredients!

And this is precisely how, over these years, we’ve managed to become a real go-to location in this part of Sardinia – a favourite both of those who have already been customers of ours for some time and of
those who, with no little joy and even a touch of astonishment, are discovering our gluten-free restaurant for the first time!